Things that should be kept in mind while launching a Email campaign

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May 8, 2014

Things that should be kept in mind while launching a Email campaign

With the increasing use of social media, PR pros can be forgiven if they think that email is starting to go the way of the woolly mammoth. But the reality is that email still remains equally important  when it comes to getting a message out and boosting awareness.

With that in mind, here are some questions to ask before launching an email campaign, compliments of Ken O’Quinn, a professional writing coach and founder of writin with clarity.


  • Is the subject line specific enough to give the reader a sense of what the message is about?
  • Do the opening two or three sentences state the purpose of the message and capture the highlights of what is significant in the entire message?
  • Does the reader know quickly what he or she is supposed to do and when the deadline is? (Not all messages tell the reader to do something, but it’s worth asking.)
  • Does each paragraph talk about one topic?
  • Do sentences contain surplus words? See if you can recast the sentences and remove a few words without changing the meaning.
  • Is the wording clear? See if there are any concepts or language that need to be simplified.
  • Who else is likely to read this? Make sure there is nothing in the email that you don’t want unintended recipients to read.
  • Are there any embarrassing usage or grammatical errors?

These things if kept in mind can lead you to do a superb email marketing marketing