Books for Marketing and Thought Leadership

A key aspect of building a professional reputation and marketing your “brand,” whether it’s your company or your persona, is to differentiate your offering. To engage prospective clients or customers and attract top-level partnerships, a business or individual needs to stand out among the crowd.

One way to stand out is through the demonstrable expertise of book authorship. A published book can establish industry authority, attract customers and partners, engage employees, and invite further visibility in the form of speaking opportunities and media interviews.

Where appropriate, and for clients willing to make the commitment, we encourage the publishing of books, because a well-written book offers real value in sparking influencer and thought leader conversations as well as credibility for the author’s brand. A book can also serve as an excellent marketing and publicity platform and a way to share ideas directly and through earned and owned media channels.

As an industry, book publishing has undergone disruptive changes that present obstacles for “traditional” authors and publishers, but those obstacles are opportunities for those who understand the new rules.

We are familiar with all aspects of book creation and have relationships with publishers, agents, and writers. Our experience includes book writing/ authoring and content development; primary editing; public relations support; and content marketing. In addition, we have longstanding relationships with partners who are expert in book distribution and printing, e-book development, and publisher relations.

A Well-Crafted Business Book Can Drive Thought Leadership

A book is also an ideal tool for content marketing program. The insights developed can be sliced, diced, and shared in a number of ways through social and business communities and used as fodder to build thought leadership for a C-level executive or brand over the course of a successful public relations campaign.

If you have a “thought leadership” book concept or are curious to learn more about books as marketing tools, contact us now.