Ethos Embassy collaborates with clients in the education, economy, technology and healthcare sectors who are innovators and leaders. As business in these sectors is increasingly influenced by policy and the communications surrounding it, we help companies, associations, non-profits and organizations forecast, identify and respond to the impacts of regulatory and legislative challenges. We create and conduct campaigns that influence people, policies and practices to produce measurable results that drive positive business outcomes.

We use our issue, industry and communications expertise to provide strategic counsel, analysis, outreach and engagement at the intersection of innovation, public perception and public policy.

We help you run campaigns that win issues. We analyze your issue, determine the strategy, and leverage our resources and networks to execute campaigns and generate support from the most influential contacts in the country.

Our solutions and resources help you navigate a complex environment where multiple stakeholders are influencing decisions that impact your abilities to operate and grow.

  • Investor and Shareholder Targeting
  • Mergers, Acquisitions + IPOs
  • Financial, Litigation and Crisis Communications
  • Board of Directors Advisory
  • Messaging and Materials Development
  • Issue Advocacy and Management
  • Grassroots Mobilization and Coalition Building
  • Digital Strategy and Advocacy
  • Event Planning and Execution